Highly Efficient Intelligent Irrigation Systems 


UK Partners: Prof Wen-Hua CHEN, Loughborough University 

Chinese Partners: Prof Weidong SHI, Jiangsu University

Project Summary: 

China is a vast country with a severe shortage of water resource. Agriculture is the main usage of water resource in China (about 62.06% of fresh water), for example, about 80% of arable land in the north part of China requiring irrigation. 

The latest earth observation satellite technologies (e.g. Sentinel satellites in ESA Copernicus programme) make it possible to monitor plant health including crop water stress in near real-time. Internet of Things technologies also enables access to a wide range of data and information including environment and historical data, so better interpret the remote sensing data from satellites. This would lead to timely and precise decision making for irrigation (e.g. where, when and how much).  In addition, there is significant progress in the development of water saving irrigation machines.

This project is to develop highly efficient intelligent irrigation systems by integrating all these latest technologies in a systematic way.

The aim of this project is, with the support of Chinese partner Jiangsu University, to prove the concept and investigate the feasibility of the proposed intelligent irrigation system with particular attention in its applications in the north part of China.