Yield forecasting systems and early blight detection of potato crops in China


UK Partners: Dr Bo LI, NIAB EMR (Project Lead); Dr Jane THOMAS, NIAB; Dr Marc ALLISON, NIAB CUF; Dr Toby WAINE, Cranfield University

Chinese Partners: Mr Weijian SUN, China Center for Resources Satellite Date & Application (CRESDA); Mr Qingji MENG, Beijing Yagro Navitech

Project Summary:

The Chinese government has recently announced that potato will be a central pillar of national efforts to increase food production in order to meet the national demand and as such to increase potato production acreage from 5.3 to 10 million hectares by 2020. With the rapid development of potato growing, there is an urgent need for precision technologies related to potato production.

Remote sensing data captured by satellite, airborne and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) have been used as an effective tool in assessing and monitoring vegetation parameters, crop stress and crop yield prediction. Compared with traditional methods of farm management, remote sensing data is location specific and addresses the crop variability in an objective manner at a smaller scale rather than treating the whole field as one homogeneous unit.

This proposed project aims to apply the multispectral remote sensing techniques developed in the UK to help with the development of yield forecasting systems and early blight detection of potato crops in China, which will lead to more effective farm management and lower production costs.