Improving satellite-based models using new satellite data


UK Partners: Prof Kevin TANSEY, University of Leicester

Chinese Partners: Prof Pengxin WANG and Dr LI, China Agriculture University


Project Summary: 

According to the Asian Development Bank, Climate change scenarios affecting many regions of Asia are potentially cause for concern. These concerns are around temperature changes, precipitation, heat extremes, weather extremes, sea level rise and agriculture. A number of approaches to estimate crop yield rely on data being streamed down from satellites that are quite old. If these satellites fail, continuity of model predictions may stop causing concern for local and international food markets, local communities and food security.

With the launch of a new set of satellites by the European Space Agency, there is an opportunity to explore how current models of drought prediction and crop yield can be made more robust and more accurate with the new ‘Sentinel’ data. The University of Leicester in the UK has already developed lots of experience in using this data. This project will work with academics in China to better integrate these satellite observations into existing models and evaluate the outcomes and potential opportunities in this pilot study.