Autonomous vehicle or UAV-mounted sensing systems


UK Partners: Prof Bruce GRIEVE, University of Manchester

Chinese Partners: Prof Jiangtao JI, Henan University of Science and Technology


Project Summary: 

Within China and the UK, as elsewhere, the ability to locally produce a range of vegetables is of increasing importance to the nations diets, to ensure healthy living as well as to ensure safe and reliable access to foodstuffs. Unfortunately the vegetables sector in particular is in danger of losing access to key crops due to a ‘perfect storm’ of loss of manual labour (for political, societal and economic reasons), greater diversity of biotic and abiotic stresses (due to varietal increases in crops and climactic changes) as well as the loss of key crop-protection and fertiliser products (for environmental and biological tolerance reasons).

The joining of in-field ground-based and aerial sensing and effector technologies from the UK and China, combined with the knowledge from the local farming communities, as derived from the two partners, into the specific economic and environmental needs from the technologies, offers an exciting opportunity to co-develop novel semi-autonomous approaches for the rural communities in China which may then also be translated back to the UK environment.

This initial partnership project will enable paper and field based studies to be undertaken with the Universities existing partners in China and the UK and a specific series of downstream larger projects to be identified and drafted for Anglo-Sino industrial and commercial support in the future.