Autonomous vehicle delivery of more precise pesticide application


UK Partners: Dr Sujit BALIYARASIMHUNI and Prof Wen-Hua CHEN, Loughborough University

Chinese Partners: Dr Yue SHEN, Jiangsu University


Project Summary: 

Precision agriculture is essential in today’s world to meet the agricultural productivity demand within China and the world. It uses technological intervention to minimize the use of water, fertilizer and pesticide while conserving and protecting natural resources, and maintaining high yields.

Loughborough University along with Jiangsu University has been working to develop a prototype semi-autonomous farming machine with intelligent pesticide spraying mechanism.  This project furthers the developments to make the semi-autonomous machine into fully autonomous with the following features

  •  Advanced precision localization with centimetre accuracy

  •  Novel navigation algorithms fusing information from RTK GPS and IMU

  •  Novel collision avoidance algorithms

  •  Advanced sensor fusion techniques to fuse information various sensors

  •  Low cost technologies for scalability

  •  Modularity for easy integration with other machines

The fully autonomous farming machine will be experimentally demonstrated with these technologies in Haian County, Jiangsu, China. These advances will minimize the workload on the farmers and cater to the needs of large fields in less time while minimizing the pesticide amount spraying.