Achieving Sustainable Intensification using Remote Sensing: Evidence from STB and Yangxin County, Shandong Province   


UK Partners: Francisco Areal , University of Reading; Prof Wantao Yu, University of Roehampton; Zhigang Liu, Courtyard Agriculture Ltd; Prof Kevin Tansey, University of Leicester

Chinese Partners: Dr Chunlin Yuan, Henan University; Jiahuan Liu, China Agricultural University 

Project Summary: 

This project will design a mobile app based on farmers requirements to provide farmers in STB (Science and Technology Backyards) and Yangxin County with information and advice on their production efficiency performance. The information to farmers will include:

a) a farm level measure of efficiency performance on producing maize and wheat and

b) a farm level measure of sustainable intensification (SI).

Understanding farmers’ mobile app requirements would be crucial for communicating effectively. A questionnaire would be designed and distributed amongst farmers to understand their requirements.

Measures a) and b) are derived through efficiency analysis (EA). Measure a) is based on information provided by farmers (e.g., inputs, maize and wheat output, and agricultural practices) as well as climatic and soil information obtained from CAU and farmers. Environmental indicators (EIs) would be derived from using earth observation (EO) data coming from STFC RAL Space and European Space Agency and Landsat. EI can be proxied from satellite data and associated standard analysis techniques include:

  • Eutrophication evaluation of waterways
  • Land Fragmentation (FragStats)
  • Soil colour – reflectance properties when bare
  • Vegetation diversity indicators
  • Disturbance indicators
  • Presence absence of woody biomass

Measure b) will be obtained from incorporating EIs and farm data into the EA.