Agri-Tech in China – The Challenge, Our Impact and the Future.

Final Programme Meeting for the Agri-Tech in China Newton Programme.


Beijing 4-8 March 2019.



To showcase the outputs of the programme and demonstrate impact to Chinese and UK partners and chart a path beyond the life of the current programme in the fields of space-enabled technologies for agriculture in China.

Over four days,  meeting speakers will reveal the challenges, successes and future opportunities in the use of satellite data, UAVs, data assimilation techniques and robotics. 

Hosted by the Chinese Agricultural University (CAU).

The  programme included a showcase of Network+ developments.



About the Agri-Tech in China Newton Programme

The Newton Agri-Tech Programme is a £27 million programme funded through STFC to capitalise on the UK’s strengths in satellite and other space enabled technologies and data products to help farmers and policy makers in China and across the globe.  

 The programme has funded five major research projects deploying innovative technologies and approaches on the ground in China, as well as a network of over 500 UK and Chinese, academics, business leaders and policy makers. The network has also supported more than 50 organisations in proof of concept and pilot projects, forging new UK/China partnerships and has developed close links with the Chinese Agricultural University’s “Science and Technology Backyard” experimental village farms. 

 The final phase of the network is bringing together many of the pilot projects with IBM, GSMA and China Mobile to build a data and information platform around one of the STBs, in Quzhou. The aim is to provide a legacy for future UK/China collaboration and a blueprint that could be used in other countries.



  • Chinese officials, academics and business leaders, as well as key figures from the UK in science and technology policy and funding.
  • British Embassy.
  • Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • Around 40 attendees from the UK
  • Around 80 Chinese attendees.


Meeting format (see full agenda):

Day 1: High level welcome/reflections

Day 2: Project outcomes

Day 3: Visits/tours to:

  • National Engineering Research Centre for Information Technology in Agriculture (NERCITA)
  • Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI)
  • CAU

Day 4: Future/next steps

Day 5: Visit to Quzhou STB farms