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Newsletter January 2019 

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Reflecting on Network+ progress and success

The beginning of a new year provides a good time to recap on what we have achieved to date:

  • £2 million pounds of funding
  • 40 UK/China projects funded
  • A network of more than 500 business and research organisations
  • 12 new private/public partnerships created

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Quzhou Agri-Tech Integration Programme

11 new projects have now been funded in our final phase of work focussed at the China Agricultural University (CAU) experimental farm site at Quzhou.

Our final phase of work aims to:

  • bring together the developments that have been achieved so far
  • create a prototype infrastructure to integrate the technologies and analytics already developed 
  • enable the on-going development of the technologies and analytics explored in the Network+ beyond the end of the current programme

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 mobile app to detect wheat disease  


The impacts of Network+

Find out about the impact of the Network+ in our growing portfolio of impact case studies. Impacts range from the successful demonstration of a tomato harversting robot to the development of a mobile phone app to detect wheat diseases.

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Newton Agri-Tech Programme Final Meeting, Beijing, 4-8 March 2019

As our programme draws to a close this spring we will be holding our final meeting in Beijing in March. We will be bringing together Network+ partners, businesses and academics to celebrate and promote our achievements and continue to build on the legacy of the Network+.



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