Annual Meeting Presentations


Prof John CRAWFORD – Rothamsted Research   

Agri-Tech in China: Newton Network+  and  Agriculture Needs to Get Smarter


Prof Zhenhong LI - Newcastle University

Precision Agriculture for Family farms in China (PAFiC)


Prof Simon PEARSON – Lincoln University

Synthesis of remote sensing and novel ground truth sensors to develop high resolution soil moisture monitoring in China and the UK


Prof Wen-Hua CHEN - Loughborough University

Enabling Wide Area Persistent Remote Sensing for Agriculture Applications

NeWMap: Enhanced farm-specific NutriEnt and Water stress Maps (WK002)  - presented on behalf of project lead, Dr Jinghao Xue, UCL


Dr Matt Coombes

Autonomous vehicle delivery of more precise pesticide application (SM013) - presented on behalf of project lead, Dr Sujit Baliyarasimhuni, Loughborough University


Mr Tiangxing Zhang        

Highly Efficient Intelligent Irrigation Systems (PC003) - presented on behalf of project lead, Prof Wen-Hua Chen, Loughborough University



Joint presentation on Integrating Advanced Earth Observation and Environmental Information for Sustainable Management of Crop Pests and Diseases and Wheat rust and wheat growth modelling workshop (IPP002)


Dr Martin STOELEN – University of Plymouth - and Prof Mick Fuller (not in attendance)

Joint presentation on “China Robot Harvest” (PC014) and  “China Robot Harvest” (LG017)


Prof Xiangming XU – NIAB EMR (and Dr Bo Li, not in attendance)

Joint presentation on Assessing the reliability of RS data to predict crop disease (SM001) and  Applying remote sensing to improve nitrogen use efficiency for potato breeding and commercial production (LG005)


Dr Lily Zhang – NIAB EMR on behalf of Dr Bo Li

Yield forecasting systems and early blight detection of potato crops in China (PC010) - presented on behalf of project lead, Dr Bo Li, NIAB EMR.


Alan Bauer - Earlham Institute

Automated image analysis and processing using UAV-deployed remote sensors (SM003) - presented on behalf of project lead, Dr Ji Zhou, Earlham Institute



Scoping an Information Management System for Chinese Agriculture (WK003)


Prof Xiu YAN - University of Strathclyde

Space Robotic Technologies for Plant Grafting (WK005)


Claire Urry, CBBC

UK China new opportunities -  Opportunities from the UK Industrial Strategy and wider UK/China opportunities.


Dr Davide CAMMARANO - James Hutton Institute

Management zone delineation and decision support system for small scale farming at village level in North China Plain (WK001)


Prof. Kevin TANSEY, University of Leicester

Joint presentation on Using Sentinel data for drought monitoring (SM007) and Improving satellite-based models using new satellite data (SM008)


John WILLIAMS – Principal Scientist - RSK ADAS Ltd

GIS systems to support in-field manure systems (SM019)


Prof. Liangxiu HAN - Manchester Metropolitan University

A Cloud-based, Mobile-enabled, Data-Driven Approach for Automatic Crop Disease Detection (PC006)


Dr Po Yang – Liverpool John Moores University

An exploration of how the internet of things technologies can transform the after-sales services and improve the efficiency of machine manufacturers in China (PF005)


Dr Wantao YU - University of Kent

Data innovations and sustainability in agri-food supply chains: Evidence from Henan Province, China (PF006)